Heres a lovely mix mix for you all to celebrate the enigma that is Psyhypnocosmotronic Technofunkadelia! Lots of my favourite recent tracks plus some golden oldies in there too, Dark Energy EP is available on Beatport now :D


Nanosphere - Synergy (CDR)
Nanosphere - Dream Fracture (Broken Robot)
Ap3x - Vimana (Broken Robot)
Nanosphere - Alien Flirtation (Broken Robot)
Hedflux - Catharsis (Self Released)
Fletric - Find The Light (Bad Tango Remix) (Logariddim)
Hardnoise - Breakaway (Blazer Remix) (Ruff N Fresh)
Split & Jaxta - Species (Broken Robot)
Nanosphere - Chaos Magick (CDR)
Hedflux & Neurodriver - Energy Vibration (Nanosphere Remix)
Nanosphere - Particle Accelerator (Broken Robot)
Nanosphere - Dimensional (Broken Robot)
Nanosphere - Dark Energy (Broken Robot)
RMS & Peak - Ten Dimensions (Broken Robot)
Blazer - Obsidian (Neom Recordings)
Nanosphere - Baba Tao (Broken Robot)
Cool Project - Karate (Split & Jaxta Remix) (Audio Planet)
TiRax - Noise Juggling (Split & Jaxta Remix)(Blacked Out)

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Check out the new Metalcast vol.30! This edition features Austria’s finest, the mighty Mefjus, warming up for his set on the Forbidden Society Recordings stage at the Let It Roll Open Air 2014 festival. Fresh from the release of his collaborative EP with Emperor, ‘Hello World’, Mefjus showcases his trademark tech-infused sound as well as showing the diversity of his tastes.

1.Noisia - Leopard Slug
2.Mefjus & Kasra - Cypher
3.Hybris - Garbage Truck (Misanthrop RMX)
4.Stakka & Skynet & Kemal & Rob Data - Biosfear
5.Rawtekk - No More Vaccine (Mefjus RMX)
6.Mefjus & Icicle - Contemporary VIP
7.Phace & Misanthrop - Sex Sells
8.Dom & Roland - Jedi (Mefjus RMX)
9.Mefjus & Zombie Cats - Must Eat
10.Noisia & Phace - Purpose
11.Phace & Misanthrop - Progression
12.??? - ???
13.Neosignal - Sequenz (Mefjus RMX LiR Edit)
14.Misanthrop - Untitled Rock’n’Roll Tune
15.Onra - Clap

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Episode 14 already! wow :)

As always for your monthly dose of psychedelic breaks and techy trips, we start on a deep and electro tip, before elevating into psybreaks heaven!

New music this time around from - Mesmer, OOOD, Frequency Less, Nanosphere, Martopeter and more.

Respect to the artists and labels x

01. Mesmer - The Flip [Scarcity]
02. Optobot - Give Me Reincarnation [Divergence]
03. Chris Voro - Alter Ego (Too Dusty Remix) [TEK]
04. Acidova - Killer Wheels (OOOD Remix) [RUNE]
05. Psysun - O Mundo sem Niguem (Andy Faze Remix) [Speedsound]
06. Ptinium - By My Side (Under This Remix) [Blacked Out]
07. Frequency Less - Acoustic Skills [VIM Breaks]
08. Acidova - World of Darkness (Martopeter Remix) [Kind Crime]
09. Madmind - Reptilian (Blazer Remix) [Neom]
10. Nanosphere - Dream Fracture [Broken Robot]
11. Frequency Less - Real Drugs [TEK]
12. Andy Faze - File Transfer [VIM Breaks]
13. BSE & Noisia - Hideous (Retroid Remix) [CDR]




@Giocator - Bassment Beats EP Vol. 1 - Promo Mix

Hungarian producer @Giocator delivers a blazing mix to celebrate the release of Bassment Beats Vol. 1, showcasing tunes from the EP, his past releases, and tunes from the Translation back catalogue.

To learn more about @Giocator, visit:

Buy Bassment Beats EP Vol. 1:
—Also available at Beatport, Digital Tunes, iTunes, Juno Download, etc.

01. @Giocator - Kill Me Now [Break-Fast]
02. Dayni & Kenobi - Junkanoo [Translation]
03. The Untouchables - Weapon X [Translation]
04. @Giocator - Brimstone [Free]
05. Sinestetik ft. Komikh - Memory Murder [Black Seeds]
06. Fuj - Terror Firmer (Dexta’s Giraffestep Refix) [Automate Deep]
07. Paiton - Mainframe [Black Seeds]
08. DBR UK & MTWN - Hoodz Up [Translation]
09. @Giocator - Bowels Of Mercies [IM:Ltd]
10. Dayni - Terrible Mystery [Translation]
11. Need For Mirrors - Panoramic Views [Nu Directions]
12. Amoss ft. Mc JC - Bleed It [Horizons]
13. @Giocator - Shadowdub [Break-Fast]
14. Moniscript - Circuit [Black Seeds]
15. M-Soul - MNML Activity [Black Seeds]
16. Dom & Roland - Outta Endz VIP [Metalheadz]
17. Voyage - The Cell [Translation]
18. @Giocator - Fate Of The Unfaithful [Translation]
19. @Giocator - Chantfight []
20. Serum - Puzzle Box [Chronic]
21. Limel - Anger [Black Seeds]
22. Dayni - Nothing Will Change [Translation]
23. Spirit - All I Need (Menace Remix) [Free]
24. Nuage & THRN - Don’t Exist (Anile Remix) [Translation]
25. Mortem - Praxis [Translation]


Here’s a recording of my set from Metalheadz, Fabric London 6.6.2014.

No MC on the recording. 1 hour set.

Thanks for listening.

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Signs - Plasma (Original Mix) [C4C Recordings Dub]
Sobec - Monster (Original Mix) [Kosenprod]
Opsen & Primal Therapy - Forgotten Land (Original Mix) [Kosenprod]
Noisia & Phace - Purpose (Original Mix) [Vision Recordings]
Billain - Autonomous (Original Mix) [Bad Taste Recordings]
TR Tactics - Black Light (Original Mix) [Addictive Behaviour]
Posij - Misfits (Original Mix) [Division Recordings]
Sobec - Microbe (Original Mix) [Dub]
Black Owlz - Deficient Owlz (Original Mix) [Dub]
Noisia - Running Blind (Original Mix) [Vision Recordings]
CruK - Stand Off (Original Mix) [Free Download]
The Clamps - Utilitarianism (Original Mix) [Free Download]
Signs - Indigo (Original mix) [C4C Recordings Dub]
The Clamps - Kosen (Original Mix) [Nocid Business Recordings]
Noisia - Oh Oh (Original Mix) [Vision Recordings]
Signs - Desert Storm ( Original Mix) [C4C Recordings Dub]
3rd Degree - Graphene (Original Mix) [Kosenprod]
Inward Phase - The End Of The World (Original Mix) [Kosenprod]
Black Sun Empire & Noisia - Hideous (The Clamps & Redject Remix) [Blackout]
Killer Industries - Hurt Me Plenty (Original Mix) [Dub]
Mayel - Shogun (Original Mix) [Nocid Business Recordings]
Impak - Medula (Original Mix) [NFG Dub]
Artifact - Unleashed (Original Mix) [Nocid Business Recordings]
Noisia - Shaking Hands (Original Mix) [Vision Recordings]
Opsen & Primal Therapy - Phunk’s Not Dead (The Clamps Remix) [Upgrade Audio Dub]
Impak - The Hum (Original Mix) [NFG Dub]
Rune, Kaiza & Elok - Side Effects (Original Mix) [Kosenprod]
The Clamps - Superficial Intelligence (Original Mix) [Free Download]


Movement Music 42: LOCKJAW (Dispatch / Vandal / Lifestyle)

Moving onto another continent episode 42 brings us a mighty Lockjaw mini mix, showcasing the talent behind this rising star from down under. Lockjaw’s only been on the scene a short while, but he’s already making a big name for himself with releases on Dispatch, Vandal and Lifestyle to name a few. Watch this space…

1. Lockjaw - Biomechanical Dreams
2. Lockjaw - Idol
3. Lockjaw - Hollowed Out
4. Lockjaw - Keep Lying
5. Lockjaw - Hesitation
6. Lockjaw - Bounce
7. Lockjaw - Stalked
8. Lockjaw - Flow Like Bullets
9. Lockjaw - Ghost in the Machine
10. Lockjaw - Quark
11. Lockjaw - Losing Touch
12. Noisia & Black Sun Empire - Hideous (Lockjaw Remix)
13. Lockjaw - Cold in the Middle
14. Lockjaw - Illuminations

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